Mozilla Firefox JS engine December 2011

In this post I want to iterate over the performance improvements and regressions of the javascript engine in Mozilla Firefox. I will do this by building the cutting edge JS shell of Mozilla. (I use the branch mozilla-inbound). The improvements will not be visible in Firefox immediatly. The improvements that happened before December 23th will go in Firefox 11. The rest will go into Firefox 12.

Current JS engine (Jaegermonkey + Type Interference)

Currently the JavaScript Engine in Firefox uses JaegerMonkey and Type Interference. While JaegerMonkey is relatively old, Type Interference is rather new. Type Interference got enabled only in the newest version (FF 9).

Benchmark    December 1st    December 31st
jslinux         5298.0 ms    5476.5 ms     regression of 180 ms
V8              6811.7       7113.4        improvement in score of 300

One of the regressions I found was the following one:
eaac85c4c05f – Bug 704387: Generate SSA information for scripts containing switch and try blocks
regression of 130ms on jslinux
This increases the compilation time of scripts, with the possibility of creating faster code. In case of jslinux the gained run time doesn’t outweight the extra compilation time and therefor runs slower. Bhackett informed me that the increased compilation time will get lowered with help of bug 706914.

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